ClickCeaseNew Year's Cleaning Resolution I Hendersonville, NC
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Happy New Year!!!

With the start of 2022, many people are looking to make new year's resolutions. One that your friends at Chem-Dry of Hendersonville recommend is catching up on that after break cleaning! Here are some of our best ways to start the new year with your home looking brand new.

Snow Stained Entrances

First, let’s clean those entry rugs and get those snow and rain stains out of the carpet! The cold weather and all the precipitation sticking to your shoes can leave deep stains. Some of these stains can’t be removed by just a simple spray or throwing it in the washing machine. With our area rug treatment, we are able to not only clean the rugs and make them look better, but we can bring back the original colors to have their true vibrancy. 

Bathroom Beautification

The next spot to help get that home looking new is cleaning out the bathrooms! Don’t just wipe off the counters and clean around the toilet, but clean out the shower and deep clean those floors. Did you know that your shower head has up to 34% of the bacteria within the entire bathroom? Make sure you clean off that showerhead ASAP to help get your bathroom back into shape!

Handle Your Handles

Last but not least, take a couple minutes to wipe down the handles and doorknobs of your house thoroughly. You touch and use these objects everyday, so they always could always use another cleaning. When you do this as well, make sure that you’re getting the handles of your cabinets and cupboards in order to keep the kitchen as clean as possible.

After all this, your home should be starting to look in tip top shape! And if any parts seem to be a little too much for you, give us a call and we can help out with all your floor cleaning needs!