Carpet Cleaning

Superior Carpet Cleaning in Etowah

Chem-Dry of Hendersonville’s revolutionary techniques will make a cleaning experience memorable in Etowah with our revolutionary techniques. If you are looking for affordable prices and a company that will care for your carpets like their own, we're the carpet cleaning service for you! All work is professionally performed by our highly trained technicians. They will finalize all pricing with you before any work begins. In Etowah, you know Chem-Dry of Hendersonville will offer a professional cleaning service unlike any other!


No one likes the messy inconvenience of wet carpets. Rather than a few days, with Chem-Dry your carpets will be dry within a few hours. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction process makes this possible. This process uses carbonation bubbles and about 80% less water than most steam cleaners.


After some professional cleaning services are performed, carpets get dirty quickly. This is because of a dirt attracting residue left behind. Your carpets will be cleaner longer by using Chem-Dry of Hendersonville. We stay away from any harsh soaps, shampoos, and detergents that will leave behind those dirt attracting residues. The deepest clean can be obtained through the power of carbonation. These bubbles will go deep into the fibers of the carpet to lift up any dirt or grime.


Our completely safe and non-toxic solution is Green Certified. You won't have to worry about any harm coming to you, your family or your pets. Our solution is even hypoallergenic! Technically, you could drink the Chem-Dry solution - although we don't recommend it as it probably wouldn't taste very good!

Let us show you the Chem-Dry of Hendersonville difference in Etowah! Call today!


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